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At the beginning of the search engine optimization are keyword analysis and competitive analysis. The difficulty is to put themselves in the search behavior of the desired audience.

Websites owners often have the problem that their page is not found because the content is not tailored to the key terms that Internet users are looking for. Instead, often technical terms and special product names are used that are not part of the search vocabulary from a customer perspective. In order to solve this problem, the relevance of a key concept is determined through careful research and the success of a concept is checked by means of various measures.
Afterwards, the page and its contents are optimized with the promising terms from the keyword analysis.

Obtaining references or incoming links to the website is, in addition to the relevant content, the most important component of search engine optimization

Keyword analysis
Competitor analysis
OnPage optimization
OffPage optimization
SEO Consulting
SEO guides
Search Engine Advertising (SEA) by Morgana Castle - Internet Solutions

By the help of AdWords, Google has created an interesting way to promote your website. With text ads on the Google page, video or image ads on the Google Network, you can find potential new customers. The Google AdWords system now offers a variety of options. Our Google AdWords experts make sure your revenue grows and your costs lower. We achieve this through optimal keyword selection, a well-planned campaign structure, the right advertising text, A/B testing and special budget management calculation methods.

  • Creation of advertising material (eg banners, microsites, landing pages)
  • Google-Adwords
  • Facebook ads
  • Optimization of Adwords accounts
  • Consulting and training

Social media like Facebook, Twitter & Co. are already widely used in private use. Social networks can also bring enormous benefits to the business sector. As your contact person for online marketing and e-business solutions, we'll be able to familiarize you with this application and show how social media works in the B2B space, how it can be used, and what opportunities and risks there are. With our NEWSROOM we provide your company with an overview of social media.

  • Social media workshops
  • Social media strategies
  • Advice on creating social media guidelines
  • Set up and build social media tools like Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Linkedin ...
  • Assignment of payment options depending on the frontend/shop
Social Media Marketing by Morgana Castle - Internet Solutions

A Social Media Newsroom (SMN) is a tool of social media relations and public relations. In the sense of integrated communication, an SMN combines elements of an online press area and an online media library with the idea of a corporate blog and the functionality of social media. It can either be an integral part of a website or be designed as a landing page or topic portal under a standalone web address (URL). Technologically speaking, the Social Media Newsroom is a specifically programmed Content Management System (CMS) that can centrally manage and structure not only proprietary but also externally hosted digital content. In addition to online press releases and company news, it also integrates externally distributed content from podcasts, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, blog posts, RSS feeds, Facebook, XING, LinkedIn, and more. In addition, third-party content can be used for your own websites, such as SlideShare presentations or subject-related blogs.

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